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What is Gruel?

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Scottish Oatmeal:

The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined by John Mollard:

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That124 : I like how this channel includes the history of ordinary people rather than exclusively nobles and kings.
William Reely : In my eyes, "gruel" is a type of food, like "soup" or "salad", with a very wide variety of versions, ranging from oatmeal, to corn mush, to cream of wheat. Basically just an old catchall term for a thickened grain dish.
Martha Cameron : Dickins had been in the workhouse for a while due to his father’s debts, so he had a very good understanding of the food and conditions there. Thank you Max for your wonderful channel.
TheFireMage100 : One reason they might have used quotations around their words is that quotations were used for emphasis like italics but before italics were really a thing. Older people in the UK still do it and being told that someone "loved" your card you sent them still feels like passive aggression to me
Sudo Nim : It's so fascinating that gruel was considered a food for the ill back then because as a Chinese people, we still consider congee, which is essentially rice gruel as mentioned here, as a good food for when you are sick.

"Horrible" Gruel Recipe?

Today's recipe is called "Barley Gruel" and it comes from The Cooks and Confectioners Dictionary by John Nott written in 1724. While this recipe sounds bad, you might be surprised at the final taste test. Enjoy!

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RandomTorok : Please sir, may I have more?
MSE. Dzirasa : In Ghana West Africa, formerly British Gold Coast, our gruel is called "Pap" "Akasa" "Kooko" or porridge.
It's usually made with fermented or soured corn meal or **mealy meal. (Very finely milled grains etc)
Gruel ingredients made from millet meal/flour, bean meal/flour, rice meal/flour, hominy and grits, are always unfermented.
We also have a very popular toasted corn kernel meal gruel, popularly known to this day as "Tom Brown"; sweetened with sugar and served with tin milk, which I think was a method adapted by British Gold Coast Native Cooks for the British, who never took to our fermented corn meal gruel...
We usually add roasted peanuts to our gruel AKA "Pap", as well as milk, sugar or raw honey, before serving.
In poorer homes, peanuts replace milk.
My late Maternal Grandmother always whipped one duck or chicken egg yolk, into special fermented cornmeal "Pap" she made for my baby sister, after she was weaned. According to her, the egg yolks strengthened her limbs; expediting her gross and fine motor skills..."This is what makes my grand babies bounce; she would boast..."
My grandmother grew up during British Colonial times, and often combined certain recipes adapted from those times, with Ghanaian tribal cookery.
I still miss her cooking to this day.
MonkeyMama e : I'm making this for the second time. The first was so good. It does have n amazing flavor to it between the lemon zest, wine, & the cream. Really really tasty!!
PIATPotatoPeon : I just finished cooking & serving this recipe to my parents for dinner. I did some substitutions (and maybe a mistake or two), and it still turned out great!
First, I used purple barley instead of regular barley. Also my mother doesn't like draining the boiling water off of foods because she says, "you lose a lot of the nutritional value that way." So getting a clear white barley water was straight out the window.
Second, I thought we didn't have any cream so I used the highest fat % milk we had in the house, which turned out to be 2%. Then when I'm stirring the mixture over low heat, my mother comes in and says we do have cream! I run to the fridge, and see it as soon as I open the door. I don't add the whole 10 oz. since the milk is already in there so I add maybe a tablespoon or two for the flavor.
Finally, after some stirring time over the stove (which goes a lot faster when you have YouTube playing on a tablet), I am able to serve my mother as she gets on her dinner break. Mission Accomplished!
Aryeh Ben Yehudah : Reminds me of public television, very educational and wholesome

Posh Gruel (Grewel Enforced, 15th-century)

Gruel was cooked in the great households of medieval England but it was not peasant food, but rather an enriched dish made using good broth, finely ground, tenderly cooked pork, and expensive saffron.

Here, in this video, I'm updating gruel, giving it a modern twist, good enough for even the poshest of your friends!

Recipe: Grewel Enforced with Pedro Ximenes Pig's Cheeks
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Credits, Music:
No.8 Requiem by Esther Abrami:

Master of the Feast by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



Theme music by Rob Shedwick:

Credits, images:
Dinner time in St Pancras Workhouse, London, 1911, Public Domain:

Watling Street Road Workhouse, Preston, Lancashire, UK, by Francis Franklin:

23 boys at Crumpsall Workhouse, c. 1895-97, Public Domain:

Oliver asking for more, Oliver Twist (1838), vol. 1, by George Cruikshank, Public Domain:

Bunch of Pedro Ximenes grapes, Public Domain:

Vineyard of Pedro Ximenes grapes by Juan R. Lascorz:

Muscat grapes drying in the sun by Tim Clarke01:
April Munday : The opening minutes brought back memories of the first hospital I worked in when I moved to London in the mid 80s. It had formerly been a workhouse. The rather grand building in which I worked (the admin block) had been, I suspect the home of the person who ran the workhouse.

I have a bottle of Pedro Ximénez Triana Hidalgo that I didn't get round to drinking at Christmas. It might be my Easter tipple.
Holly Healey : So happy I found this channel. I love this recipe so will definitely give it a go. I already have a bottle of PX in the cupboard. My family refers to it as "Chistmas in a bottle".




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