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Yamaha Cp-70 complete review (Part 1)

The famous Yamaha Cp-70 acoustic electric piano in all it's glory.
Next week in Part 2: WE TAKE IT APART!

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Aquatarkus : Reminds me instantly of Tony Banks and Elton John. Love this instrument on tracks like Heathaze and Turn it On Again
Jimmy Figueras : Thank you for introducing vulfpeck to me, i just listened to tee time and it's awesome! I love it when old instruments are used to create contempirary music.
Michael David : The Yamaha CP-70 was an evolution of Helpinstill that made magnetic pick up's for acoustic piano's so it was easier to amp and eliminate feedback.
armstronglance : Wow! The polyverse widener really improved the stereo image! Bought mine new for $2500 in 1978.
Reversible : I believe Prince used one in the ‘Purple Rain’ film. My father bought one from a pawn shop about 1987/1988 but my stepmother ended up selling it to a church around 1995. I never learned how to play properly but wish I still had it. It even had two road cases…and it definitely weighed a million pounds!

Whatever Happened to Electric Pianos?: Yamaha CP-70

Today we have the opportunity to demo the Yamaha CP-70 suitcase electric grand piano! Pat and Ted are very excited to showcase how amazing and unique this electric piano sounds acoustically and plugged in. Check out our Alamo Music Audio Lab video on the Yamaha CP-70!

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Fabio Barbieri : I have my CP-70 !! I'm from Argentina!! This piano costs about 10.000 now and here!!
Tito B. Yotoko Jr. : Oh yes, I have vague memories of a piano that had metal prongs instead of strings and which had an amplifier to amplify the sound!
One selling point of that piano was that it did not need tuning.
At that time I thought it was cool. Whatever happened to that piano?
And I am certain it was not in the thirties because that's way ahead of my time!
midnight4109 : Amazing, absolutely amazing. Just when I think that I have seen everything, you guys top it! Coincidentally, I seem to wind up with Yamaha.
George Servian : Knew nothing about Electric Pianos! Sounds great! Thanks for the education and for sharing.
Dean Horak : The smell you mentioned is probably leaky capacitors.

The unmistakeable sound of the Yamaha CP70 - Famous songs - the forgotten gem of the 80's

The Yamaha CP70 is one of the most recognised sounds of the 1980's and late 70's

This is some of the famous riffs that are unmistakably CP70 from the 1980s

My CP70 is coming from my E-MU ESI4000 and hats of to the EMU engineers for such an amazing preset.
Gerard Dip : My personal favorite use of this instrument is on Genesis’ “Duke” album. Gives me goosebumps every time, such an ethereal tone.
Christoph Manuel Jansen : Great demonstration. I own a 1982 CP70 myself and always enjoy finding the sound in songs I didn't know before. That EMU sounds really close! A little pianist hack: When playing "Groovy kind of love", try staying on the G with the left hand for the first half of the verse, gives it a very nice "open" sound!
Franck S : That sounds are samples ? What's the name of them in the Emu collection ? Incredible
gameexplorerofficial : So that “chorus like” effect that’s on it, is that original? Or how do you get it to sound like that?
sK3LeTvM : Any idea where to find the ultimate sampled CP70 ?




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