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Deen Burbigo - Promotion (Official Audio)

Extrait du nouvel EP OG SAN disponible partout
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P\u0026C : Saboteur Records/ MGC

#DeenBurbigo #OGSAN
albinks : Cette prod me dit tellement un truc et elle est incroyable tout comme le sons d'ailleurs
Yoplax : Cette auteur prisée nous montre OKLM que la qualité est mieux que la quantité.

Merci DEEN.
Futur projet : ParadoxSAN ❤️
TheBoons _PopCulture : Propre. Net. Précis.
Manga Team : La meilleure de l’album
- Brazen - : Le son est incroyable

How to Get a Promotion

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In this video, I’m going to explain how to get promoted at work if you’re wanting to know how to get a promotion. If you’ve been working for years and you keep getting passed up for that job promotion that you’ve been eyeing for, learning about how to land a promotion at work will be key to helping you. Getting a promotion at work isn’t easy, but if you know the key traits that you need to have then it’ll be easier to get promoted.

This video explains the common misconception that many people have when it comes to trying to get promoted and also eight key traits that will help you to enhance your personal brand and get you promoted. To be promotion material, you need to be a top performer. Here are 8 traits of top performers.

1. They look to help others - all the time.
2. They know the difference between being ‘serious’ vs. ‘professional’.
3. They’re flexible and eager, but not doormats.
4. They execute more than they talk.
5. They only say what needs to be said.
6. They get their work done before the deadline.
7. They avoid office gossip
8. They’re constantly training and updating their knowledge and skills



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Linda Raynier : How to get a promotion // Which of the key traits are you going to develop to get your next promotion?
Thick-Bombshell : One thing that has helped me in the corporate world is when you have the opportunity to voice your opinion on an issue or rules... Dont just complain about it.. Instead voice your opinion respectfully and offer a solution in the same sentence. Not only do they realize you have a voice and not afraid to speak up, but you’re also a problem solver and managers LOVE THAT!!!!!
kanjagkollaeller : 8- be a top performer
-look to help others all the time.
-know how to prioritise
-know difference between serious and professional
-flexible and eager but no doormat.
-execute more than your talk
-say what needs to be said
-get work done before deadline (get high quality)
-avoid office gossiping
-constantly update and gain knowledge/skills/training
Dr. Jon Tam : 05:12 - They look to help others...all the time.
06:40 - They know the difference between being ‘serious’ vs ‘professional’.
09:00 - They’re flexible and eager, but not doormats.
11:12 - They execute more than they talk.
12:10 - They only say what needs to be said.
14:18 - They get their work done before the deadline.
15:12 - They avoid office gossip.
16:11 - They constantly training and updating their knowledge and skills.
intelliGENeration : doesn matter how hard you work. dont get stuck with the wrong manager.

by wrong i mean someone that’s wired differently than you. you can be a dream come true, but the wrong manager will use a race stallion to workthe land... because that’s the only way they know to use their resources.

so run until you find a fitting culture, where people get you.

thats it.

つばきファクトリー『約束・連絡・記念日』Promotion Edit

2021年11月17日発売のつばきファクトリー NEWシングル『涙のヒロイン降板劇/ガラクタDIAMOND/約束・連絡・記念日』から「約束・連絡・記念日」のPromotion Editです。

作詞:児玉雨子 作曲:星部ショウ 編曲:大久保薫

MV Director:三石直和

EPCE-7635 ¥2,200 (税抜価格 ¥2,000)

EPCE-7637 ¥2,200 (税抜価格 ¥2,000)

EPCE-7639 ¥2,200 (税抜価格 ¥2,000)

EPCE-7641 ¥2,200 (税抜価格 ¥2,000)

●【通常盤A】 EPCE-7643 定価 ¥1,300 (税抜価格 ¥1,182)
●【通常盤B】 EPCE-7644 定価 ¥1,300 (税抜価格 ¥1,182)
●【通常盤C】 EPCE-7645 定価 ¥1,300 (税抜価格 ¥1,182)

(通常盤A:涙のヒロイン降板劇 Ver.)
(通常盤B:ガラクタDIAMOND Ver.)
(通常盤C:約束・連絡・記念日 Ver.)


#つばきファクトリー #約束連絡記念日 #Helloproject #ハロプロ
Sagittair e : 八木栞ちゃんが好きすぎる、歌声も表現力もとても素敵で心奪われてしまった
徒然 : まおぴんのこの髪型めちゃくちゃ好きだし目を引く
野見山 : さすが、恋に弾けきれない切実な乙女心を歌わせたらつばきの右に出るものは無いですね…約束・連絡・ふいうち・記念日なんてこんなんなんぼあってもいいですからね…
마나 : 最初、新人素人3人ってことに不安を覚えてしまったし、期待なんかよりも大丈夫なのかって気持ちあったのに、この3週間ずっと期待を超えて感動を更新してくれて、過去を大切にしながら進化していくところを見られて嬉しかった。こんなご時世にオーディション受けてくれてありがとう頑張ってくれてありがとうってすごく伝えたい。
ハッチー : 3:50 ここの、既存8人からの新メンバー4人へと繋がっていく流れ大好きすぎる…!!!





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