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Convert DTS track in MKV to AC3 or AAC

Convert unsupported DTS audio track in MKV (Matroska) or any other video file to other format that is supported by your device like AC3 or AAC.
InnuMaccaband : Thanks a million for sharing! Seems to be working great!
Eduardo Mendes : Great Job. Excelent software, fast and perfect. Thanks bro. Hugs from Brazil !!!
dzsedaaj : Thank you so much bro, you're awesome!!!
Gabri Alzueta : Thanks! Easy to understand and clear. Well done.
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AC3 to DTS Basic Method

TFM Audio Tool
Khizar Ali : Wow... Great tutorial, sound knowledge and delivery... Keep making such nice and informative videos.
Nirvan Naik : wow...great tutorial with nice explanation but you give surcode download link
GOLDIE SIDHU : Wow great tutorial. Good job nikhil brother. Thanks brother.
imran ali : very nice bro keep it up
Serg RZ : where can i find surcode program?

Differences of DTS and AC3

Just like music, surround-sound formats come in many standards. ... Some audiophiles argue that DTS is capable of delivering better sound quality than its counterpart, Dolby Digital. This reasoning arises probably because DTS surround sound is usually encoded at a higher data rate than the corresponding Dolby formats.Dolby Atmos, being lossless and vector based, is much better than vanilla DTS, which is lossy and channel based. However, DTS-X is just as good. One of the biggest conflicts between the audiophiles is whether DTS is better or Dolby digital.surround sound quickly made its way onto Laserdiscs and then ultimately to DVD in the mid-1990s as a popular alternative to Dolby Digital. DTS, like Dolby Digital, is a lossy (compressed) surround sound format capable of discrete 5.1 and 6.1 channels of surround sound.The biggest difference between Dolby Atmos and traditional surround sound is the use of channels. ... This is achieved by bouncing the sound off of your ceiling to replicate exorbitantly expensive, ceiling-mounted height speakers. It's not going to be as powerful as an actual height speaker, but it's better than nothing.




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