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Protect & Persevere : Trex arms is becoming a giant in all aspects of the industry. Major kudos!
Wranglerstar : Great Video Lucas, thanks for standing strong and for not compromising,
NoBrakes23 : I appreciate the fact that this is unapologetically for civilian use.
CannibalWarthog : Everyone on the assembly line at TREX ARMS wears a plate carrier and a helmet while working.
Spencer Ryan : Your video quality has Increased Drastically on this One. You keep Embracing this Vibe people are gonna Love it.

Assassins Creed: 14 YEARS LATER

Assassins Creed Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1. Welcome to the official series of the all new Assassins Creed 1, this series will include the full game story. Assassins Creed review and first impressions. This AC 1 series will include the full game story walkthrough with all boss fights, all upgrades, and missions.

Assassins Creed Full Playlist:

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Video Uploaded By HollowPoiint
Hollow : Would really appreciate this video do well. Leave it a like if you’d like a series
Adam Couser : 14 years! No way man. We old.
Frantic : For the AC newbies out there, the intro of the game where it's "glitchy" and showing blank NPC faces is because Desmond Miles is resisting against the Animus, he has to be fully consented or else the machine will not work.
Anderson Kim : Once he gets to AC revelations, he bouta name this franchise as one of his all time favorites
3LI PALM3R : When he said “oh Desmond was the main character” almost like he had no clue, that literally broke my heart. After realizing the fact that most people don’t know who started it all in the series, just because Ubisoft decided to kill him off so fucking early pains me to no end. Also... not gonna lie I really miss Veronica Mars in these games, if anyone understands that reference.

Tiny battery powered guitar amps battle - Vox AC1 RhythmVox vs Boss Katana Mini

which one is better?
AC1 Rhythm Vox - 2 channels, beat machine, 1lb, 6 AA batteries
Boss Katana mini - 3 channels, 2lbs, 6AA batteries
Paul Richardson : Boss by a country mile but I want a Vox AC1 as well just to put on my shelf as it is class to look at, I can't get hold of one now in UK, I have an AC2 on the way but the AC1 will look great if I can get hold of one. Does anyone in UK know where I can get hold of one. These small amps sound much better through headphones.
By the way on the Boss if you wind the delay level full on and the time to zero you get reverb.
Eroticnightmare : Katana all day and all night..just got one, rocks like hell!
Chandler Bing : Hi!
What are the 6 included songs in the rythm section?
Dinner with Franklin : Exactly the info I was looking for, thanks
Tigrre Ampluch : Hi
What are the 6 included song beats in the Vox?




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